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I wish to thank all of my friends and fans for your kind words of encouragement and concern regarding my health when in February I was forced to cancel my appearance in Williamsburg, VA, however it couldn’t be helped. I was sorry to disappoint you who and some had traveled from as far away as England, but it could not be helped. However that’s all behind me now, and a serious threat at the time has turned into nothing to be concerned about.

And while I’m thanking you for your concern and interest, I wish to thank you for your birthday wishes. I received 84 cards and which I found an overwhelming support of love and concern.

So again thank you for your prayers, concern and birthday wishes.

See you on the trail,


Robert Horton

March 26, 2007

I want to thank all of my fans and friends for their concern regarding my health during the month of March. Happily the tests have been completed, and though necessary, they've proven to be nothing to be concerned about. Though I will have to have some treatments, it looks like "old Flint" will be around for a while longer, perhaps quite a while longer. But THANK YOU all so much for your concern.

See you on the trail,



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A Message From Mr. Horton:
Hi, to all of you: all of you, my fans!
A most sincere “Thank You” for your interest in me and my career, for your kindness, loyalty, admiration, affection, and yes, even your love during the last fifty years.
When I chose to become an actor, I never realized the lasting reward would be the affection lavished on me by you: you all have enriched my life more than you will ever know and I bask in your warmth, you -- my unseen family. Looking back on the many years of this incredible journey we all refer to as life, it has been filled with incredible experiences, flooded with vivid memories, and all in all it’s been one great trip. And a hell of a party!
With deep humility, I say, “thank you, again, again and again.”
P.S. I'd like to share a quote with you, from George Bernard Shaw: "Life is no brief candle. It's a sort of splendid torch, so make it burn as bright as possible."
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